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What do clients say?

"As a first time Mum this was my first time having Doula support and I was really unsure of what to expect. Although Jojo is very professional, I quickly felt comfortable around her and now it feels just like having a really supportive friend over.

These sessions make a huge difference to our day, as we get time to relax and our home feels calm and tidy afterwards.

If we have another baby we will definitely be booking Jojo to support us again."


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"Jojo is warm, caring and lovely to be around and a particularly calming presence; she fitted in to our family life from the very start and now we see her as a good friend.  When she comes over, she instinctively seems to know what needs doing which is in part owing to the fact that she has two young children of her own and in part due to the fact that she is simply a natural at what she does.

Jojo always ensures that I have enough rest and most days I have a nap whilst she looks after my baby, bringing her to me to feed if she needs to.  She will either wear her in a sling or sit and have cuddles; my daughter adores her and will happily nap on her for hours totally content.  Jojo is also amazing with our two older boys and they are always excited when it’s a “Jojo day”!

My experience of having a new baby this time round is totally different to how it was with my two boys and this is largely due to Jojo and her amazing support.  Whilst with my first two babies some days I would struggle to make it through the day and frequently be tearful and feeling like I couldn’t cope, this time I feel rested, happy and nurtured.  Jojo has enabled me to not just enjoy this precious postnatal period with my last baby but to make it one of the happiest times in my life and for this I will always be indebted to her.


In short, if you are looking for a postnatal doula, I don’t think you could find one better than Jojo."


"Jojo was an incredibly kind, calm, and nonjudgmental presence in our household in the first weeks after the birth of my second child. Her support helped make me feel much more relaxed, rested and in control than I did the first time around -- even though this time we also had a toddler to manage!

I’m really grateful for her practical and personal support and I would absolutely encourage expecting mothers to consider working with a postnatal doula, and in particular with Jojo."


"Having a postnatal doula third time round is something I truly wish I'd had the first time.I wasn't sure what to expect but I've really appreciated the little things. The small gestures of opening doors for me, making me tea he minute she walks in, hodling my bags, snuggling Leowhile I go to the loo, and even making us a prepped dinner. The list is endless but having someone I know, trust and exuding a naturally calm vibe, coming to look after me when I'm most tired and vulnerable as a new mum is something to treasure from Jojo."


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