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How To Hack Your Birth & Beyond

The sh!t you really need to know

Pregnant and not sure where to start or don't have time for a full antenatal course?

Come join us for this full day antenatal class in Hertford,


Here you can meet local experts to start to build your village of support for parenthood and learn what you need to know when you have a baby.

Saturday 18th May 10am - 5pm

The Mill Bridge Rooms,


SG14 1PX


What to Expect

The day will start with all the knowledge needed for pelvic floor health, its function through pregnancy & postpartum, and accessible ways to care for your pelvic floor.
Then you'll hear from a local midwife to get the low down on birth options and ask those burning questions about Labour & Birth.

In the afternoon birth partners join us for a session on how to be the best birth partner - tips and tricks that are easy to implement and to get the best for the birth experience.
Followed by the fourth trimester session - often the forgotten part when it comes to having a baby! We will talk about preparing for the fourth trimester - planning for rest and recovery, expectations, setting boundaries with visitors and lots of tips and tricks from our postnatal specialist.

After this birth partners are encouraged to go for a chat/coffee/insert alternative here, and discuss their new knowledge while the birthers stay for some pregnancy yoga and a guided relaxation.

Refreshments and lunch included.

So whether you are a first time parent or a seasoned birther wanting to do things differently to last time then this day is for you.

What to bring:

  • A pen and notebook

  • A warm cosy blanket

  • Your questions

Things to know:

  • Please wear comfortable clothes for moving around in for yoga

  • We will try make the space as comfortable as possible but please bring anything extra to aid your comfort like pillows or birth balls

  • Refreshments are provided but you may like to bring extra snacks and water bottles

  • Lunch provided for birther

  • Birth partners attendance 1:30 - 4:15pm

Pregnancy workshop price

How to hack your birth and beyond ticket

Saturday 18th May

Mill Bridge Rooms, Hertford, SG14 1PX 


(Ticket price is for birther and birth partner) 

Please get in touch if you have any questions about our the antenatal class

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