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Overnight Doula Support

"Sleep when the baby sleeps"

Sleep is an important factor for the postnatal body to rest and heal from birth. However, sleep can be very broken and limited when a newborn baby is involved. Which is where I can offer my doula services through the night.

Overnight doula support can provide an opportunity for the parent(s) to gain some well-deserved rest to face the day ahead.

What nighttime support may look like will differ from family to family. I will stay in the same room as the baby, either in a spare room or lounge, and sleep/rest when the baby does - as parents would on any other night. 

If breastfeeding I will bring the baby to the mum for a feed, if early days I may sit with and help support through a feed. I will take baby after feed for winding, nappy changes and settling.

If pumping I will help store milk and wash, sterilise equipment ready for next use.

For babies feeding from a bottle, I will prep the bottle, feed the baby (if parents wish for me to do so) and wash, sterilise for next feed. 

overnight baby support night nanny

Please note I do not sleep train or let the baby cry it out". I will respond to the baby's needs, if the baby likes to be held all night, I will do so to ensure the parent(s) gain some sleep.

I am there through the night to look after the family; however, I do not look after pets and kindly ask if you have pets they do not stay in the same room as myself. 

Overnight Doula Prices

My overnight support is designed to be ad hoc rather than numerous nights a week. Please contact me to discuss availability.


Overnight Doula Support 

10pm - 6am 


Additional hours

£25 per hour

Next step....

Sound good, have some questions or want to find out about availability.....

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