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Postnatal Doula

"It takes a village to raise a child"

What does a postpartum doula do?

A postnatal doula offers emotional, practical and informational support to families welcoming a new baby into their home, whether it be the first, second or tenth child. 

The fourth trimester is a term describing the period after birth where a baby transitions to life outside the womb, but it is also a period of transition for the woman or birthing person into parenthood.

During this unique period, a postpartum doula can help you to get a more enjoyable experience, by creating an opportunity for the mother or birthing person to rest and recover from giving birth, be nourished and cared for while she/they nurtures the newborn. A doula can also help navigate the sometimes daunting decisions and emotions of motherhood, using a non-judgmental approach.

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Postnatal Doula Services

Based on your family's needs and wishes, doula services may range from a single session per week to full-time support in the early months. Most importantly, a doula aims to empower you to build confidence, and thrive in parenthood.

Doula services will vary from family to family based on their needs, but some ideas of how I may support include:

  • Caring for the newborn so that you can rest

  • Creating nourishing meals for the whole family

  • Making time for you to enjoy a hot bath or shower

  • Ensuring that your emotional needs are met, by listening and supporting

  • Sharing information and contacts on local specialised support e.g. lactation consultants and tongue-tie practitioners

  • Support in establishing breastfeeding/chestfeeding

  • Providing evidence-based resources to make informed parenting decisions

  • Entertaining older children in the home

  • Attending appointments with you 

  • Accompanying and supporting you on trips out of the house

  • Light housework such as laundry and tidying

Postpartum Doula Packages & Pricing

Booking a package before the arrival of your baby guarantees availability and priority in the scheduling of your sessions.

Sessions last a minimum of 3 hours and are typically booked in packages. Payment plans available.

Antenatal postnatal planning session

2 x 4 hour sessions per week for 6 weeks

Whatsapp contact between sessions 


The New Baby 6 week Support Package

Antenatal postnatal planning session

2 x 4 hour sessions per week for 12 weeks

Whatsapp contact between sessions 


The Fourth Trimester 12 Week Support Package

To be used as desired (minimum 3 hours per session). Often used as 10 x 3 hour sessions.

To be used within a 3 month period


30 Hour Package

One-off 3 hour session are designed for anyone who needs adhoc support, or wants to trial a doula to see if the services are suited to their needs. 


One-off Postnatal Doula Session

The Ultimate Doula Package with Azeeta Nielsen

Prenatal Doula Care with Azeeta


3 antenatal sessions


Phone/whatsapp support


5 weeks on call period (from 37 weeks until baby is born), with you throughout the birth journey


1 postnatal visit 


10% off pregnancy massages

Postnatal Doula Care with Jojo

1 breastfeeding support visit in first 48 hours of baby being born


3 weeks of postnatal support (2 visits a week, 3 hours per visit)


10% off baby massage courses


Can't see something that suits? Please get in touch to discuss options and build a tailor made package. 

Prices are inclusive of travel up to a 15 mile radius of Ware, Hertfordshire. After that, there is a cost of 45p per mile. Where parking costs are applicable these are to be paid by the client. 

10% deposit required on booking, with full payment made 7 days before due date or date of first session. 

Next step....

Sound good, or have some questions? Get in touch to arrange a no obligation chat and explore booking postnatal doula support from Mama Jojo. 

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