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Postnatal Planning Workshops

Across the world many cultures have traditions for the postnatal period that set an amount of time aside for the mother or birthing person to rest, recover and adapt to parenthood. Friends and family gather to  care for the new parents during this time and it is recognised that support is required when a new baby arrives in to the family.

In the UK, very few traditions are recognised or practised, with sometimes praise even given to parents who are seen to be up and about and returning to “normal”. With 1 in 5 women suffering with postnatal depression and some of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world, perhaps it is time to change how we look at the postnatal period here in the UK.

prepare for a new baby

In creating a postnatal plan it is recognising the need for rest, recovery, support, and time to adapt to parenthood. While every eventuality cannot be planned for, the real value of a postnatal plan is  in  creation of it; the  exploring of options, finding what is important to you, and how that can be achieved.

Postnatal Planning Sessions

Sessions explore the fourth trimester and how to aid rest, recovery and good nutrition during this period, resulting in your own personal postnatal plan. 


1:1 sessions in person or via Zoom


(All postnatal doula packages include a postnatal planning session included in price)


"Our postnatal planning session with Jojo was brilliant. It encouraged us to think through so many aspects of new-baby-life in a really practical, gentle, loving way. She definitely caught things that had never occurred to us, and had advice and suggestions where we needed them. I wish we'd done one with baby one, and had more focus on that 4th trimester, not just the birth. It's made us even more excited to meet our little one and start our bubble together!"

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