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What is paced bottle feeding?

Updated: Jun 3

Paced bottle feeding, also known as responsive bottle feeding is about slowing the milk flow down. This prevents wind and over feeding when using a bottle (breastmilk or formula)

Top Tips for pacing a feed:

  • Hold baby more upright

  • Keep bottle at horizontal angle so milk is level and baby draws milk from teat, rather than pouring into the mouth

  • If switching between breast and bottle allow baby to suck on an empty teat for a couple of sucks before lifting the bottle to bring milk to the bottle teat (Babies have to suck to stimulate the milk to be let down on the breast)

  • When baby is taking a rest pull the bottle down so the teat remains in the mouth but no milk is in it. Once baby starts sucking again bring the milk into the teat

  • Take breaks, if baby shows hunger signs offer the bottle again

  • Stay with first size teat until ready to move onto the a faster flow

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