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How to do tummy time

The guidance suggests doing tummy time every day with babies to help counteract time spent on their backs - which is a lot more these days as it is suggested babies sleep on their backs. Tummy time helps build head control, practice rolling and strengthen the upper body ready for crawling.

It is suggested to aim for about 20 minutes a day by 6 months of age, starting with a few minutes a couple times of day and building up. But we all know we don't have that much time in a day to try, and many newborns do not enjoy it. So give some of these different options a go!

1.Traditional option for tummy time - On a mat lay them on their tummy. Try adding a rolled up blanket or towel under the arms to give support and avoid them face planting in to the mat! Add a mirror, toy, or familiar face in their eye line

2. Lay yourself on the floor and lay baby on your chest. They will love lifting their head to see your face

3. Lay them across your lap - a great option for when play mats are surrounded by toddler stomping feet

4. Hold on your chest - a great one to start for newborns. Sitting upright and holding against your chest give them chance to start lifting their head and building some strength

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